US national champions crowned in Indianapolis

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TCG, video game finalists in 2010 Pokémon US National Championships
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  • Monday, June 28, 2010

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Michael Diaz, champion of the senior division of the TCG tournament.
Wesley Morioka, champion of the senior division of the video game tournament (left).

The 2010 Pokémon United States National Championships in both the Trading Card Game and video game divisions were held the weekend of June 24 through 27 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. The winners of the Trading Card Game championship were:

Junior Division

Champion: Victor Aung (New Jersey)
Runner-Up: Patrick Lane (Missouri)

Senior Division

Champion: Michael Diaz (New Jersey)
Runner-Up: Spencer Brown (Ohio)

Masters Division

Champion: Con Le (Massachusetts)
Runner-Up: Erik Nance (North Carolina)

In the video game championship, the winners were:

Junior Division

Champion: Wade Stanley from San Diego, California
Runner-Up: Carlos Flores from El Paso, Texas

Senior Division

Champion: Wesley Morioka from Chicago, Illinois
Runner-Up: Len Deuel from Dallas, Texas

The winners, along with the top eight in each category in both the TCG and video game tournaments, will advance to the 2010 World Championships to be held in Hawaii this summer. A record 1,300 participants played in the TCG tournament, making this the biggest Pokémon event in history.