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Welcome to my Bulbanews Userpage! Feel free to browse around and read about myself.

My Involvement in Bulbagarden
I first became extensively involved in Bulbagarden in Late 2008 - Early 2009, when I registered on the forums. I spent the next few months contributing to Bulbagarden in different ways, using Bulbapedia as a Pokémon resource, looking to Bulbanews for news on new things before Poké, being active on the forums, things like that. An area in which my interest had been particularly sparked was the Roleplaying games section, I went in and had an awesome time. One day, as I was looking through some old threads I noticed a thread detailing several positions that were being advertised for applications, and my interest my especially caught by the "RP Manager" job. This job entailed creating a forum-operated, text-based, Pokémon RPG, out of curiosity I PM'ed Evan (evkl) about the position, and the next day I received a PM saying that if I wanted it, the position was mine. So, over the next month I developed what would become known as Knight Pokémon University, a university RPG, in the secrecy of the Development Forum. The first go around with it wasn't so fun, both GM's that I had picked weren't exactly active and after I had gotten an actual helpful GM, we had to start over completely as the system, was flawed... badly. This time, its going much better though! But, there is more to the story, in between all of these things I was being a helpful Development Forum user, and doing seekrit stuff, and in late January, I received full moderator status and abilities, and was given the job of "Head of Bulbagarden RPG Projects." Well, outside of the forums, I've also been fairly active within the Bulbagarden community. On Bulbapedia, in late 2009, I received temporary administrator to help out with the Special > Adventures switch, and the same on the Archives. However, the Archives promotion was permanent (;D), and on Bulbanews, I'm a member of the Board of Editors and the Events Section Editor.
  • Bulbanews Board of Editors Member - Events Section Editor
  • Bulbagarden Forums Moderator - Roleplaying Games, Knight Pokemon University, Bulbanews General Forum
  • Bulbagarden Archives Administrator
  • Head of Bulbagarden RPG Projects
About Me
I'm fifteen years old, nearly sixteen, and was born on April fourth, 1994. Yeah, I'm a four child, and somewhat of a miracle, as in the fact that... well, if you want to know talk to me, and I'll tell you. Anyway, my name is Christopher Ryan Smith, and I live in Louisiana~! I currently go to Franklinton High School, where I am a sophomore taking junior classes ^^;; I'm a member of the Franklinton High Demon Regiment (marching band) where I play the flute and melodic percussion, as well as playing the violin and piano on the side. I love to read and write, and I love Pokémon obviously~! It was about 1999 when I first got into the anime and sometime in the early 2000's when I started playing the video games, and have never stopped playing them, except I don't watch the anime at all that much anymore. My possibly most favorite video game series taking place of Pokémon would have to be Legend of Zelda.
Bulbagarden To-Do List
  • Continue work on Knight Pokémon University
  • Continue work as a Forums Moderator
  • Reform the RPG Forums
  • Continue work as a Board of Editors Member
  • Continue work as a Archives Administrator
Contact Me
Credit for base of Userpage goes to TTEchidna.