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When i was younger, i was able to recite all 151 Pokemon without stopping to think or hesitation. I could also recite all my favorite pokemons stats, types, weaknesses and strengths and there attributes (like Ponyta. Ponyta wouldnt burn anyone it trusted). However as the new pokemon came out and the new types like steel, i started to get a bit worried. I knew pokemon would get popular and i knew it would expand and add new characters, but when out it stop?

When would the Pokemon franchise just lose control and become overwhelmed? When would the Pokemon veterans, such as myself and i'm sure majority of Pokemon players out there say enough is enough? Apparently, never. Sure, the next generation of Pokemon players would enjoy the new adventures and the new starters, but what was wrong with keeping the pokemon as Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander?

I've been playing Diamond for a while now and i'm excited for when Heartgold and Soulsiver come out, but when i play diamond and come across a pokemon i've never even heard of; How am i supposed to understand it if i'm a veteran? Yes, i could just get a book about them, but who has the time to read and remember 493 Pokemons stats, weaknesses and strengths ect? Surely there has to be a limit for the amount of Pokemon there are.

Okay, i understand the variaty of pokemon may be needed to suit everyone. I understand with each reagon thre are new things to explore and different breeds of pokemon are discovered, But 493? Thats almost halfway to a thousand. In my opinion, thats just going a little over board.