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How the forums have changed, and a little shameless self-promotion
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  • Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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Come, sit, we won't take more than a moment of your time

It's been a while since the Bulbagarden Forums upgraded to vBulletin 4 and, well, there's some cool stuff there you might not have noticed. In this article, we're going to hear moderators Ghaskan, Paperhorse, The Puppetmaster, Heathcliff Huxtable, Kayi-chan, and Ryuutakeshi talk about what's going on in their sections.

The Ultimate Showdown

"The general entertainment version of the Contest Hall. Where your favorite fictional characters, films, and such can duel to determine who's best."

The Contest Hall, a forum where the merits of various aspects from the Pokémon World can be matched and discussed, has always been a popular section. However, the Contest Hall did not allow the discussion of non-Pokémon match-ups, be them crossovers or contests where none of the participants has ties to the Pokémon world. That had to change, and, in order to do so, the staff decided to create a new section, dubbed for the time being as The Ultimate Showdown.

The Ultimate Showdown is a sub-section of Entertainment, Inc., the forum of excellence for most forms of entertainment not directly related with Pokémon. Here, the poster can participate in threads where aspects from various universes (crossovers of one or more universe are also possible) other than Pokémon are matched, such as characters, famous people, music, books, films... The process is simple: the threads contain a poll where the participants can be voted for, and posting is done in order to justify the choice(s), taking in account one or more of countless characteristics, depending on what kind of aspect is in play. Some examples are: design, prowess in battle, personality, a preferred sonority, storyline, quality of the writing, special effects, and so on. However, not all contests are inconsequential! We will soon be hosting a poll in which you can chose the permanent name of The Ultimate Showdown In order to select the choices that will be present in the poll, the staff had previously let the posters give away their suggestions.

So, what are you waiting for? Pay The Ultimate Showdown a visit, participate in a few contests, and maybe create your own - there's even a guide to help you with that!

The Media Menagerie

Do you have what it takes to be a Bulbagarden idol?

The Media Menagerie section is where users post their media related works, which includes user created music and video. Bulbagarden has many talented singers, musicians, and video creators who can now show off their craft to their fellow Bulbagarden members. Musicians can post in this section in order to receive constructive feedback. Members can offer their ideas and helpful advice to users posting in this section.

Also, The Media Menagerie is now the new home of Bulbagarden Idol, which will make its big comeback in a few short weeks! Anyone who is interested in participating as a competitor, judge, or voter, please keep an eye out for signups!

This section can appeal to everyone who frequents Bulbagarden. Whether you are a musician, a talented video creator, or just love music, please stop by to listen, and offer advice to your fellow members!

Professor Orchid's Live Caster

Professor Orchid’s Live Caster is a sub-forum of the Pokémon Anime section. The two primary types of discussion that take place here are categorized into either Debate threads or Contest threads. Debate threads are used for topics that are frequently discussed among the fandom where users may have very differing opinions from one another. These include subjects that foster heated discussion among the fandom, such as certain characters (Misty, Iris) and ideas (Ash capturing several Pokémon, BW being the Rockets’ last saga). Contest threads are like those found in The Contest Hall – showdowns between two or more things (characters, Pokémon, etc.) that include a poll. In these threads, users pick their favorite among several choices and only post if they’re giving a reason for why they picked their choice. Furthermore, threads created in this sub-forum do not immediately get published; the staff must first deem whether or not threads created here belong.

Additionally, the Live Caster hosts threads that regulars to the Anime section like to post in often, such as the “Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread,” “Caption the Screenshots,” and “Dogasu’s Backpack Discussion.” While it’s a place for more in-depth discussion of the anime, the Live Caster also provides users with more laid-back threads where they don’t need to go into debate with one another. Hopefully with this balance of serious and playful atmospheres, the staff here at Pokémon Anime has accommodated the section with convenience and organization.

Wi-Fi Ladder

The Battle Center's Wi-Fi Ladder is an ongoing fifth generation battling competition between forum users. When the ladder begins, players will be randomly assigned positions on the ladder. The objective is to reach the top of the ladder by challenging and defeating higher-ranked users in Pokémon Black or White Wi-Fi battles. The goal of the project is to further integrate our battling community and to give users a place to consistently find high-quality competitive battles over Wi-Fi.

Writer's Workshop Summer Awards

Barry's even writing fanfics about Paul's Electivire!

The Writer's Workshop will be holding its Summer Awards during the month of July. The Awards are special events held every three months, where the readers and writers pick the best of the best among the stories posted there, using categories such as Best Short Story, Best Pokemon Journey Fanfic, Best Original Fiction, Best Main Character, or Best Antagonist. The winners are given a variety of prizes and forms of recognition for their efforts and talents.

Mafia Awards

The War Room will be holding its first ever Mafia Awards in August. Similar to the Writer's Workshop Awards, members can nominate others for awards for being skillful players or creative Game Managers. More details will be released to the public within the coming weeks. In addition, there are other projects our staff is working on that will be released soon that should help improve the War Room for the better. Finally, we invite all readers who are even the slightest bit interested to please try out the game of Mafia. We're always accepting of new players.

And while we're here, a little message from Trom, deputy Editor-in-Chief of Bulbapedia

Bulbapedia, Bulbanews, and the Bulbagarden Archives now have multiple skin options available to logged-in, registered users. These include the Bulbagarden-exclusive Erika's Garden skin and the Vector skin you may be familiar with from Wikipedia. You can select which skin to use in your preferences. If you encounter any issues with the skins, let a staff member know - there may be a few bugs we are not aware of yet.

We hope you'll check out these new features and use Bulbagarden to its full potential!