Diamond, Pearl and what beyond?

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Future Generation IV games possible
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  • Thursday, May 24, 2007
  • Originally reported by Maxim

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This is an opinion piece by Maxim. All views expressed are of the author's and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Bulbanews.
About the author

Maxim is a member of the Bulbagarden forums.

After the release of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, people got pretty excited about Nintendo's plans for future. Many people hoped for remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver in close future. Since Generation III times are over, people still hope that Nintendo will release GS remakes for the Nintendo DS.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl have many Generation II references: Jasmine's cameo, Oak's cameo, SecretPotion, non-player characters mentioning Johto and Kanto places and characters, etc. The game creators were apparently trying to keep old characters and objects alive. It excited some people in hope for possible future GS remakes. However, it's also possible Game Freak made all these references because there will be no remake. That possibility makes sense, as well.

However, also hidden in game data is Johto location data. There are two Johto location entries in game data (Gold and Silver?). That suggests that Pokémon may be able to be transferred from Johto to Sinnoh. It may be a sign of possible GS remakes, or it may just be dummy data. However, if one looks at DP items - all non-key Generation III items have their data in DP because they can be transferred along with Pokémon via Pal Park. So, if there were a GS remake with GS items, all things like Johto Poké Balls or Apricorns could be transferred to Sinnoh. But, there is no data about them in DP. However, if that data existed, it would be an overly obvious sign of GS remakes. Nintendo does not want to be predictable, does it? In the event of GS remakes, it could find a way to make these items untradeable.

Finally, the strongest point against GS remakes: They are pointless. Pal Park makes it possible to get all old Pokémon without any new games. FR/LG and Emerald were necessary to get all Pokémon in Generation III. GS remakes are not. But, let me take us back to older generations. Yellow was not necessary to get 150 Pokémon in Generation I, and Game Freak/Nintendo made it, nor was Crystal for the 251 Pokémon in Generation II. Don't forget that there will most likely be a third version of DP. Despite the fact that a third version is "pointless" to catch all the Pokémon, I'm pretty sure it will be out. So, the same situation may apply to GS remakes. I know, the chance of GS remakes is slim, but it is hardly non-existent.

Don't forget, Generation IV is said to be last by some. If it really is the last Pokémon generation, I am sure that Nintendo will do anything to please fans and maintain the franchise's glory. So, it may mean lots of games.

I wonder what else can be released in the frame of Generation IV. A Sinnoh-based puzzle game? A Nintendo DS Pokémon Card game? I hope for good spin-offs in this generation.