Mallow's Steenee available via common code for Korean games

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Available for Pokémon Sun, Moon
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  • Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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A Steenee based on Mallow's in the anime is available for Korean region Pokémon Sun and Moon using the common serial code ALOLASTEW762.

This Steenee is is level 20, has the Ability Leaf Guard, holds a Yellow Nectar, has a Naive nature, and knows the moves Magical Leaf, Double Slap, and Sweet Scent. It has a Classic Ribbon, is in a Cherish Ball, and its Original Trainer is 마오 Mallow.

The code was revealed during the September 19 Korean airing of the Pokémon anime: on Animax at 6 pm, on Daekyo Kids TV at 7 pm, and on KBS Kids at 6:45 pm.