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The following new Pokemon have been revealed via a Nintendo Direct presentation:

Redigoat: A baby goat. Resembles Gogoat, but not yet stated to be part of the same family.

Skuttle: A small squid-like Pokemon with ten arms. Said to be good at disguising itself. Its moveset contains Camouflage, Conversion and similar moves.

Icis: Said to be an evolution of Jynx. She is slimmer and wears an Egyptian-style headdress.

Jawile: An evolution of Mawile. It is said to be part Steel type, but its secondary type has been deliberately obscured. Its design is taller and more elegant than Mawile's. Learns a move called "Steel Jaw" which has a chance of confusing the opponent.

Footage is shown of a triple battle, and the female player character Surfing on the back of a Lapras. A selection of different outfits are glimpsed briefly, including one that resembles Red's, and another that looks like Cynthia's. It is stated that some new outfits can be found in-game, and others are obtainable in special events. Footage is shown of four Pokemon side by side, each performing an attack in sequence. This is said to be a new kind of Pokemon Contest. Finally, the male player character is seen approaching a large castle, where it is said the Elite 4 and Champion await.