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{{Column infobox|
{{Column infobox|
name=Can We Catch 'Em All? |
name=Can We Catch 'Em All? |
columnist={{u|ArchivistGeek|Rebecca Hernandez-Gerber}} |
columnist={{u|ArchivistGeek}} |
status=Completed |
status=Completed |
schedule=Tuesdays |
schedule=Tuesdays |

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Can We Catch 'Em All?
Columnist ArchivistGeek
Status Completed
Schedule Tuesdays
License CC BY-NC-SA 2.5
Original run October 2014 - January 2015
List of articles

Can we catch 'em all? was a column written by ArchivistGeek and published exclusively on Bulbanews. It gives an introduction to a media archaeological perspective of the core series Pokémon games, demonstrating how media-specific tools can give a greater understanding of the concepts behind the franchise.

A companion series on media archaeology in spin-off titles is planned for Summer 2015.


  1. Introduction
  2. Can we catch ‘em all?: Generation I
  3. Can we catch ‘em all?: Generation II
  4. Can we catch 'em all?: Generation III
  5. Can we catch ‘em all?: Generation IV
  6. Can we catch ‘em all?: Generation V
  7. Can we catch ‘em all?: Generation VI