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There is more mystery to the Mirage Pokémon than first thought...
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  • Tuesday, March 7, 2006

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The 10th anniversary edition of Pokémon Fan included a synopsis for the upcoming Kids' WB! special. It provides some surprising information on the first American-made anime special.

The storyline center on Doctor Yung, who has developed a new Mirage System to resurrect extinct Pokémon. Ash, Misty and Professor Oak show up at his mansion on his invitation. However, while Ash is in a battle with the Mirage Pokémon, a Mirage Aerodactyl swoops in and kidnaps the Professor. A mysterious stranger then appears and announces that the machine can create Pokémon with no weaknesses. While Misty and Professor Oak argue that it would throw off the natural balance, Mew comes in, which enrages the stranger for some reason.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect is the choice of cast. The synopsis does ask where May and Max are, which suggests that they may have some role later in the special. However, there is no mention of Brock or even the fact that Gary has already successfully resurrected an Aerodactyl.