"Kaze no Message" CD/DVD release date announced

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Ending theme will be paired with new song May 28
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  • Tuesday, March 18, 2008
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Argy

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Pikachu Records (Media Factory) has announced a May 28 Japanese release date for a limited-edition CD and DVD featuring Kaze no Message (Message of the Wind), the current Pokémon Diamond & Pearl ending theme song by Mai Mizuhashi. The CD will also feature two new songs, Konoyubitomare (Let's Get Together) by Akiyoshi Fumie, and Pokémon March Medley, an instrumental. Konoyubitomare will be the song featured in the coloring contest results shown at the end of Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin.

The CD does not have a finalized track list, but four songs have been announced:

  1. 「風のメッセージ」 (Kaze no Message) — Mai Mizuhashi
  2. 「このゆびとまれ(仮)」 (Konoyubitomare (tentative)) - Akiyoshi Fumie
  3. 「ポケモンマーチメドレー(仮)」 (Pokémon March Medley (tentative))
  4. 「このゆびとまれ」(オリジナル・カラオケ) (Konoyubitomare (Original Karaoke))

The first edition, 1,890 yen, will come with a DVD featuring the following videos:

  1. 「風のメッセージ」(TVバージョン・ノンテロップ歌詞ありVer)
    1. Kaze no Message (TV Version — Textless Ver.)
  2. 「風のメッセージ」(フルサイズ・歌あり歌詞テロップありVer)
    1. Kaze no Message (Full Size — with Lyrics Ver.)
  3. 「風のメッセージ」(フルサイズ・カラオケ歌詞テロップありVer)
    1. Kaze no Message (Full Size - Karaoke with Lyrics Ver.)

The CD/DVD announcement does not include any mention of a new opening theme song for Diamond & Pearl.