'Pokémon Haunted Night Gothic' campaign starting Sept. 14

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Ghost themed merchandise to be featured, released
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  • Saturday, August 31, 2013

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Promotional art

Details of a new Pokémon Center merchandise campaign have been announced. The 'Pokémon Haunted Night Gothic' merchandise campaign will be released at Pokémon Centers across Japan, and the Ghost Pokémon Litwick, Lampent, and Chandelure will be featured. Items available include silverware, flatware, iPhone 5 cases, pens, charms, and notebooks. The 'Pokémon Haunted Night Gothic' campaign starts Sept. 14.

All preview images are gathered below, as well as all items included within the campaign and their prices.


List of products/prices

Product Price
A4 Clear File (Promotional illustration) ¥‎210
A4 Clear File (Gothic illustration) ¥‎210
2-pack memo pad ¥500
B6 Hard Cover Notebook ¥1000
DR Grip CL pencil ¥750
Gold Lacquer sticker ¥500
A5 Sticker ¥500
Bookmark ¥550
Comic-size Bookmark (3 pack) ¥450
Accessory Stand ¥1500
Shoulder Pouch ¥1480
Tote Bag ¥3000
Square Cushion (45cm) ¥3400
Tablecloth (125 cm) ¥2800
Stand Light ¥5000
Key Chain ¥650
Stained Glass Metal Charm (3-set) ¥450
Cup and Saucer ¥1600
Fork and Spoon ¥1200
Long-sleeve T-shirt (S/M/L) ¥3000
iPhone 5 Soft Jacket ¥1880
Hand towel ¥600
Face towel ¥980
Handkerchief ¥350
Drawstring Bag ¥580