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Cohen VS Cawthon match, others online
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  • Friday, December 9, 2011

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David Cohen, TCG Champion

Thanks to a joint effort by The Pokémon Company International and TCG fan site The Top Cut, full video footage of the 2011 Pokémon TCG World Championships final is available online.

The Masters division match played between David Cohen and Ross Cawthon (both USA) is commentated by The Top Cut staffers Josue 'Crimz' Rojano and Kyle 'Pooka' Sucevich.

After a weekend of tough competition, the match was eventually won by Cohen. After finishing in second place in 2009, Cohen this time around piloted a Magnezone/Emboar/Reshiram deck, with runner-up Cawthon using a previously unheard of lock deck focused around Vileplume and Reuniclus.

Footage of the Video Game World Championships is also available on the Pokémon World Championships website.

The 2011 Pokémon World Championships took place in San Diego, Calif., on Aug. 12 through Aug. 14. Over 150 players competed in the TCG competition in the Masters age division, which is made up of players aged 15 and older.