2013 Pokémon World Championships come to a close, 2014 location announced

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2014 World Championships to be held in Washington D.C.
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  • Monday, August 12, 2013

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Today, after three days of intense Video Game and Trading Card Game matches fought by hard-working players from across all the corners of the globe, the 2013 Pokémon World Championships in Vancouver, Canada has come to a close. During the closing ceremony, which saw special appearances from Game Freak's Junichi Masuda and The Pokémon Company's Tsunekaz Ishihara, the first video footage of the new Mega Evolutions of Ampharos, Mawile and Absol was shown, before the six winners were handed their trophies:

Video Game Champions

This year is notable in that with Arash Ommati winning the Masters Division Championship, this is the first time a European player has taken the top prize for the Video Game Championships.

Trading Card Game Champions

This year's Championship marks Jason Klaczynski's third time winning the Trading Card Game Championships at Worlds.

2014 World Championships location

Who will be lucky enough to qualify for Worlds next year?

Following the presentation of the awards, the festivities came to a close with the reveal of the location of next year's Pokémon World Championships - despite spending a year away, the prestigious event is returning to the United States of America, with Washington D.C. being the location of next year's games!

New Mega evolution info

When Mawile becomes Mega Mawile, its Defense and Special Defense stats increase. It has a height of 3'0" and a weight of 51.8 lbs. It can use Iron Head and an unknown attack.

When Absol becomes Mega Absol, its Attack and Speed stats increase. It has a height of 3'11" and a weight of 108.0 lbs. I can use Night Slash and one unknown attack.

When Ampharos becomes Mega Ampharos, it has the same height and weight of Ampharos. The stats that are stronger upon Mega Evolution are unknown at this time. It can use the move Dragon Pulse.

Attack and artwork gallery

Mega Evolution video

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