AG128 - To the Final Tournament! Heated Battles Day After Day!

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The Saiyū convention continues
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  • Friday, May 13, 2005

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Battle is joined
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Advanced Generation episode 128 has broadcast in Japan.

Satoshi continues his battles in the Hoenn league, fighting a Harry Potter look-alike trainer by the name of Huuga in order to secure his spot in the tournment finals. Between rounds, Masamune and Satoshi carry on their rivalry, while Tetsuya makes his bid for a finals spot.

The finals begin with Satoshi battling Kaeda with a 6 on 6 pokemon battle on randomly selected rock field. Professor Okido, Kasumi and gang are able to see Satoshi's battle via a television broadcast. The episode ends with a mid-battle cliffhanger as Satoshi and Kaede are opponents that are not willing to give up! Who will win and continue on in the tournament?!