A string of successes for Pokémon

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Nintendo, IGN and Lycos show that Pokémon is still going strong
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  • Tuesday, December 13, 2005

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Three recent announcements show that Pokémon continues to be popular. With Pokémon Emerald wanted by many, a milestone in sales met and popularity in search results, the franchise earns more money as it approaches its 10th anniversary.

First, IGN has announced the results from a recent survey of more than 25 million users' wish lists on IGN.com, GameSpy.com, TeamXbox.com and fileplanet.com to see what the most-wanted games are for this holiday season. Pokémon Emerald topped the Game Boy Advance list, beating titles such as The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy.

Online, a similar story has occurred. Lycos has published the Top 50 search terms of 2005, and Pokemon came in at number 8. This is up from number 33 for 2004. Some have speculated that increased interest in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl is likely an important factor in this jump.

Elsewhere, Nintendo has announced that, in total, the Pokémon franchise has now generated $30 billion.