All Generation IV English names leaked

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Merrick accuses site of blackmail
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  • Wednesday, March 14, 2007
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Argy

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A GameFAQs message board user posted the full, official list of English Generation IV Pokémon names on the site's Pokémon Diamond forum today. Twenty-seven out of 107 Pokémon retain their Japanese names or variants of them.

Web master Joe Merrick (Serebii) of said he was annoyed by the leak. Merrick had been gradually leaking names, provided by an unidentified source, over the past several months and had an exclusivity agreement with Spanish-language fan site Pokéxperto to synchronize name leaks.

"Ok, I am completely annoyed with this, someone leaked the names out on public forums at GameFAQS which has put me in a bit of a bind," Merrick wrote on his site. "As they began to spread I was given a choice, by the time this was posted they were already on a good number of sites so I had to decide and rather than deny them or ignore them and continue how I was going, I have had to add them here. I hope you understand, especially those of you who are in a position of power over something like this."

"I would like to beg you all pardon for not telling you the names in one single list, but Nintendo affairs didn't just let me do so," Melkor wrote.

Merrick and Pokéxperto Web master Melkor hinted Nintendo would be angry with them for the mass leak. Merrick later posted on the GameFAQs message board claiming betrayal by Pokéxperto.

"I got blackmailed by Pokexperto," he wrote. "They were going to leak the whole thing on Friday which would have screwed me over. I'm convinced that im going to get a letter from Nintendo's lawyers before the week is out regarding this. But they were going to do it thus causing me to do whayt I just had to do now, else I had to link to their site, hence why theres been the link with every name i've posted since Friday ¬¬

"I have logs which I'll post before too long to prove this."

The Pokémon keeping their Japanese names or variants of them are:

A full list of English names can be found on Bulbapedia. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl will be released in North America April 22.