Battrio sequel on the horizon

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Promised game defies all predictions
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  • Saturday, May 21, 2011

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A scan from Dengeki DS.

We reported last month that Dengeki DS magazine would be announcing a new Pokémon game in this month's issue. The good news is that a new game has been announced. Unfortunately, this game will probably not make it to the international market.

Pokémon Battrio is a Japan-exclusive arcade game based around simulated battling with real, collectible tokens. The new game that was eagerly awaited by many will be a new version of this game, which is very popular in Japan.

The game will apparently be titled Pokémon Battrio V. An upgraded version of the original game, Battrio V is playable with Pokémon released in the fifth generation of the Pokémon series. New pucks featuring Pokémon native to Unova will be released, although the old ones will still work if used.

The Dengeki article suggests that the new arcade machines will soon be found all across Japan. However, like the original Battrio, it is unlikely that it will be localized for American or other international markets.

But recall that CoroCoro also promised details of a new game. Were they also referring to the Battrio sequel? Perhaps something else is in the pipeline.