Bisharp vs Wigglytuff Trainer Kit decklist posted online

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Contains only reprints
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  • Wednesday, November 5, 2014

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XY Trainer Kit: Bisharp & Wigglytuff

The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online has updated with Phantom Forces, but also included the lists for the upcoming XY Trainer Kit: Bisharp & Wigglytuff. To be released within the upcoming month or so, this XY Trainer Kit contains only reprints of already released cards. Included in those reprints are two prints of the Trevor Supporter card, which were until now only available in the $30.00 Battle Arena Decks. The MSRP is $8.99.

Card lists

Wigglytuff Half Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
1/30 Swirlix [Kalos Starter Set] Fairy-attack.png
2/30 Pidgeotto [Flashfire] Colorless-attack.png
3/30 Fairy Energy Fairy E
4/30 Sentret [Flashfire] Colorless-attack.png
5/30 Fairy Energy Fairy E
6/30 Fairy Energy Fairy E
7/30 Fairy Energy Fairy E
8/30 Fairy Energy Fairy E
9/30 Fairy Energy Fairy E
10/30 Fairy Energy Fairy E
11/30 Pidgey [Flashfire] Colorless-attack.png
12/30 Jigglypuff [XY; 87] Fairy-attack.png
13/30 Clefairy [Furious Fists; 69] Fairy-attack.png
14/30 Wigglytuff [XY; 90] Fairy-attack.png
15/30 Potion I
16/30 Clefable [Furious Fists] Fairy-attack.png
17/30 Fairy Energy Fairy E
18/30 Swirlix [Kalos Starter Set] Fairy-attack.png
19/30 Clefairy [Furious Fists; 69] Fairy-attack.png
20/30 Potion I
21/30 Fairy Energy Fairy E
22/30 Fairy Energy Fairy E
23/30 Pidgeotto [Flashfire] Colorless-attack.png
24/30 Trevor Su
25/30 Jigglypuff [XY; 87] Fairy-attack.png
26/30 Tierno Su
27/30 Fairy Energy Fairy E
28/30 Clefable [Furious Fists] Fairy-attack.png
29/30 Pidgey [Flashfire] Colorless-attack.png
30/30 Wigglytuff [XY; 90] Fairy-attack.png

Bisharp Half Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
1/30 Fletchling [XY] Colorless-attack.png
2/30 Metal Energy Metal E
3/30 Metal Energy Metal E
4/30 Vigoroth [Furious Fists] Colorless-attack.png
5/30 Metal Energy Metal E
6/30 Metal Energy Metal E
7/30 Metal Energy Metal E
8/30 Metal Energy Metal E
9/30 Metal Energy Metal E
10/30 Metal Energy Metal E
11/30 Honedge [XY] Metal-attack.png
12/30 Bidoof [XY] Colorless-attack.png
13/30 Pawniard [Kalos Starter Set] Metal-attack.png
14/30 Doublade [XY] Metal-attack.png
15/30 Slakoth [Furious Fists] Colorless-attack.png
16/30 Bisharp [Kalos Starter Set] Metal-attack.png
17/30 Patrat [Furious Fists] Colorless-attack.png
18/30 Metal Energy Metal E
19/30 Tierno Su
20/30 Trevor Su
21/30 Pawniard [Kalos Starter Set] Metal-attack.png
22/30 Metal Energy Metal E
23/30 Doublade [XY] Metal-attack.png
24/30 Metal Energy Metal E
25/30 Potion I
26/30 Slakoth [Furious Fists] Colorless-attack.png
27/30 Honedge [XY] Metal-attack.png
28/30 Vigoroth Colorless-attack.png
29/30 Potion I
30/30 Bisharp [Kalos Starter Set] Metal-attack.png