Bonus O-Powers will be available at launch

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Participating Japanese stores to broadcast level 2 O-Powers
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  • Friday, September 27, 2013

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Receiving an O-Power through PSS

A selection of O-Powers, the Generation VI equivalent of Pass Powers, will be made available at selected Japanese stores from Oct. 12 to 14. O-Powers provide temporary boosts to various game attributes to all players in an area; however, each player must individually activate the O-Power to gain the boost.

The O-Powers to be made available are:

  • HP Recovery Lv. 2: When used, it increases healing from all sources by 50% (e.g., Hyper Potion heals 300 HP instead of 200) for an unknown time period.
  • PP Recovery Lv. 2: When used, increases the amount of PP recovered by 10 for an unknown time period.
  • Pocket Money Lv. 2: When used, doubles the amount of money received from a successful Pokémon battle for three minutes.

The participating stores are Aeon Lake Town shopping center in Saitama, Musashi Aeon Mall in Murayama, Ion Mall in Aichi, Aeon Mall in Hyogo, Aeon Mall in Fukuoka and Aqua city in Tokyo, as well as all seven Japanese Pokémon Center stores.