Bulbacast Season 4, Episode 2 now available

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Episode brings back Questions of the Week, includes special mystery
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  • Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Bulbacast's second episode of its fourth season has been released. PPNSteve and Satoshi-kun return to the podcast and are joined by new casters ashita, immewnity and Blackjack Palazzo.

Bulbacast is a community effort supported by Bulbagarden and PPNStudio along with others designed to give fans current and relevant information on Pokémon-related topics. Look for weekly releases each Wednesday on Bulbanews.

The Bulbacast regulars assemble at 7:30 p.m. EDT Saturday evenings on Skype to talk about everything a Pokémon fan wants to know about — new episodes, new movies, new games, current issues, new Pokémon and maybe even which character looks best drawn as a pineapple. And, since it's a podcast, fans can download it to their MP3 players or just listen to it on their computers.

Pokémon fans can join the discussion if they have a microphone and Skype and then show up in the IRC chat a half-hour before the podcast begins.

How to download


Discussion topics

Questions of the week

  • Games: What game did you get or are going to get and why — HeartGold or SoulSilver?
  • Anime: Do you think Ash will ever face the Sinnoh Elite Four?
  • Special mystery:

There are six Pokémon in six Poké Balls. They are Bulbasaur, Buizel, Chimchar, Turtwig and two Starly. Their nicknames are (not in the same order) Bill, John, Max, Edward, Ron and Joe.

The two Poké Balls of the Starly are next to each other. The Starly do not have the same number of letters in their nicknames. One Starly is shiny.

Bill, who is in the second Poké Ball, is between Buizel and the Pokémon nicknamed Ron. Buizel and the Pokémon in the third Poké Ball are the only ones that are shiny.

Turtwig is a peaceful Pokémon. Edward gets into a lot of trouble. The Pokémon in Poké Ball 4 rarely gets sent out of its Poké Ball, though Max and Edward get sent out a lot. John’s Poké Ball is between Turtwig’s and the fourth Poké Ball.

Both John and Buizel have Poké Balls with seals on them. Can you tell what Pokémon is in what Poké Ball, and what are their nicknames?