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10 Copies of Pokémon Sun & Moon to be given away!
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  • Saturday, October 29, 2016

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With only a few weeks to go until the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Bulbagarden is giving fans worldwide the chance to win one of ten copies of the new games.

Pokémon Sun box art
Pokémon Moon box art

Entry Information

To enter this contest, you will need to send an email to [email protected] with the answers to the five trivia questions listed in the section below. Some questions will be easy, others a little more tricky. You'll find all the answers on Bulbapedia if you search for them, so don't be discouraged if the questions stump you at first. When giving us your answers, please also give a link to the Bulbapedia page(s) you found the information to answer the question on. This will assist us in identifying correct entries quickly, so that we can inform the winners.

Winners will be selected randomly from all valid entries that manage correct answers to all five questions. Should less than ten people correctly answer all five questions, all of these people will win automatically, and the remaining prize winners will be randomly selected from those with four correct answers. Similarly, in the event that no entrants correctly answer all five questions, winners will be selected from those entries with four correct responses.

Your answers need to be in by 11:55pm, Friday the 11th of November (US Pacific Standard Time, UTC-8). Click here to check the conversion for your local timezone, or click here for a count-down timer to the end of the contest. Entries are limited to 1 per person, and you cannot change your answers after submitting your email, so think hard about your answers before sending them in.

Good luck!

The Trivia Questions

  1. What locations do Cresselia and Darkrai make their homes in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, respectively?
  2. How do you evolve Eevee into Umbreon and Espeon in Pokémon XD?
  3. Which Pokemon does Tate own in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?
  4. Miska Saari became a Pokémon TCG World Champion in 2006 using a deck by what name?
  5. What moves with effects relating to the Sun and/or Moon can be legitimately learnt by the mascot Pokémon of this website in the Generation VI core series games?


IMPORTANT: If you need to ask any questions regarding the contest, please do NOT email the contest email with your questions. It is highly likely that your email will go unnoticed among all the emails from people entering the competition. Instead, ask your question on the Bulbagarden forums thread for this contest, or via the Bulbagarden Facebook or Twitter.

  • Who can enter the contest?

Anyone in the world can enter, though we will only accept 1 entry per person. If you're under 18, please get your parent or guardian's permission before entering.

  • Can you email me back to let me know you got my entry?

Most users will receive an email back automatically to confirm their entry, however users with @aol.com, @comcast.net or @verizon.net email addresses will NOT receive auto-responses due to issues with those particular email providers.

  • When will winners be informed?

Winners will be informed on or before November 13th, to make sure that we have time enough to get your address details in time before launch.

  • Do the winners receive one game or both?

The winners will receive their choice of either Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon. If you win, we'll ask for your choice at the same time as we ask for your address details.

  • I can't find the answer! Are they really all on Bulbapedia?

All of the answers are there, we've checked.

  • For (insert question here), do you mean (something) as opposed to (what the question says)?

Please re-read the question. Does it say (what you just said)? If it doesn't say that, then why would you think it meant that?

  • I think one of the questions might have multiple valid answers, is that a problem?

If a question did have multiple valid answers, so long as you give one of the valid answers, you're fine. But none of these questions should have multiple valid answers.

  • The answer on Bulbapedia is wrong! The actual answer is (BLAH), and I have proof!

That's not a question, it's a statement! But seriously, in the unlikely event that an error on Bulbapedia is leading people astray, we will accept both the actual correct answer and the answer as it currently stands on Bulbapedia for the purposes of figuring out your score. We do this to avoid disadvantaging people who have already entered before a mistake is uncovered.

  • Will you be revealing the correct answers after the competition?

Yes, we will. They'll go up in the thread for the contest on the Bulbagarden forums.

  • I live in (insert country here). if I win, are you able to send me a game for my region?

Yes. We will order your prize from a retailer who ships to your region. If for some reason we aren't able to arrange for the game to be shipped to you, we can make alternative arrangements with you.

  • If I win, will the game get to me on launch day?

Though we will be ordering winners prizes prior to launch day, and be making every effort to try and get winners their games as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee that they will arrive on launch day. If you're in North America, Western or Central Europe, Australia, New Zealand, or Japan, there probably won't be any issues. If you're in another country, particularly one with a frustrating customs regime (Brazil, I'm looking at you!), we might need to make alternative arrangements with you.

  • How long will winners have to claim the prize?

But we'll give you up to a month to respond. We're aware things can happen, and we don't want to disadvantage anyone. At the same time though, if you want it on launch day, you're going to need to make sure you get back to us ASAP.