Bulbagarden announces new Staff Hires

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Over a dozen new additions to the Bulbagarden staff
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  • Thursday, May 20, 2010
  • Reported on Bulbanews by evkl

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Bulbagarden has announced the new staff hires as a result of the Spring 2010 staff drive. The forums, Bulbapedia, Bulbanews, Bulbagarden Archives, the RPG, Oekaki, Gallery, and Library & Content all added staff. evkl, a forums administrator, said that "[Bulbagarden] received dozens of applications, and the overwhelming majority were serious, responsible applicants. We had to make a number of tough decisions to arrive at our targeted number of new staff, and we appreciate all the applications. It's great to see so much interest in working with us on Bulbagarden."

The deliberation process took weeks, reflecting the quality and depth of the applicant pool. Hires will take on a variety of responsibilities in their new roles. The forums staff will be moderating a variety of forums--some will moderate games, others will be placed in the Creative Corner, a few will work in anime, and one will handle the Outside the Box content. The Bulbapedia hires will join TTEchidna's extremely effective Bulbapedia staff in ensuring that everything runs smoothly in that department. The Archives hires will assist MaverickNate in organizing and maintaining Bulbagarden's Archives, while the Bulbanews hires will be writing columns. Gallery and Oekaki hires will be assisting Kasumi in her management of that department, while RPG hires will be working with AiedialEclipsed to enhance Bulbagarden's RPG offerings.

Below is a list of successful applicants and their respective departments. Each bolded line represents a section of the site. Italics indicate a subcategory of a section.

The Forums

Aladar, Keldora Dragon, Musashi, Shiay, Ryuutakeshi, Insomniac, TM2-Megatron, Hikaru, The_Jabberwock



Emp, Hide in Plain Sight, Hell's_Devil_Warrior

Game Managers

Trainer17, X Resistance, Chocolate Bones, Apollo's Caterpie, Giovanna Rocket

Library & Content (coming soon)

Matkin22, SpetsnazGuy, Hunter Blade, GrnMarvl13, Rayne


Umeko, Zesty Cactus, Tina

Bulbagarden Archives

PsychicRider, Jello


5thgenerator, F-22, MattWhite, FuzWuz


Tina, Jubettacarrot, Kaorin


Keldora Dragon

Staff Artist

Blazaking EX

evkl added, "Bulbagarden extends its congratulations to all the new hires and thanks everyone who applied for their interest!"