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Bulbagarden announces return of Evolutions

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The Evolutions RP returns with a new plot and cast
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  • Sunday, October 17, 2010

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Bulbagarden proudly announces the return of the Evolutions role-playing game series to its forums. The previous chapter, Evolutions: Celadon City Blues, has been ended, with the new chapter, Evolution to Destiny, beginning slightly after the planned ending of E:CCB's plot. The new plot incorporates some of the old plot from the previous chapter, which was unfortunately ended earlier than expected due to the game manager's time constraints and overall inactivity; however, the new plot manages to bring in new twists and turns.

When asked to comment, the Game Master Evolutions had this to say: "Nothing is certain anymore, only that change comes on swift wings..."

For a limited time, participants who purchase items from the store may also pick up to three any non-battle items as well.