Bulbagarden to commence 12 Days of Wonder Trade

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Holiday-themed Pokémon to be given away in the run-up to Christmas
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  • Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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The newest Bulbagarden Wonder Trade event for Pokémon X and Y will be the 12 Days of Wonder Trade. Between December 12 and 23, Bulbagarden staff will be trading away specific holiday-themed Pokémon on Wonder Trade.

The full list of Pokémon to be distributed is as follows:

  • December 23, Day 12: Marill Belly Drumming
  • December 22, Day 11: Skrelp piping
  • December 21, Day 10: Wailmer-a-leaping
  • December 20, Day 9: Kirlia dancing
  • December 19, Day 8: Miltank-a-milking
  • December 18, Day 7: Swanna-a-swimming
  • December 17, Day 6: Farfetch'd and Zangoose-a-laying
  • December 16, Day 5: Goldeen and Ursaring
  • December 15, Day 4: Altaria
  • December 14, Day 3: Torchic
  • December 13, Day 2: Pidove
  • December 12, Day 1: Chatot with an Aspear Berry

As well as the above Pokémon, some extra distributions will be happening during this time, including:

  • Delibird Santas
  • Deerling reindeer
  • Litwick (belated) Hanukkah candles
  • Cryogonal snowflakes
  • Rotom Christmas lights
  • Snover Christmas trees
  • Chingling jingle bells

All Pokémon will have the nickname "Bulbagarden". The distributions will happen at various times across the scheduled days. Those hoping to get one of the Pokémon can keep track of the distributions with Bulbagarden's Twitter account for Wonder Trading, @BulbaTrade, and the hashtag #12DaysofWonderTrade. Any player using Wonder Trade at the same time as one of the distributions has a chance of receiving a Bulbagarden Pokémon.