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The Hidden Gems of Bulbagarden
The Media Menagerie and The Chef’s Chateau
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  • Wednesday, November 16, 2011
  • By [[|Paperhorse]]

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In the Creative Corner of Bulbagarden's forums, there are two sections: The Media Menagerie and the Chef’s Chateau. These sections are small, but that doesn’t mean they are less engaging than the other parts of the forums. The close-knit environment of these two sections helps many users feel connected with other members as they discuss the things they love. Whether it's music or food, these sections help users feel at home. Here, users can share likes and dislikes, creations, and thoughts about themselves and their work.

Feel like listening to music? Or are you bored with your current selection of music and want to listen to something different? The Media Menagerie provides our users with a vast array of different types of music: from song covers, to instrumentals, to mixers and UTAU, all from the creative and talented members of our forum! The Media Menagerie is a very comfortable environment, where many users take the opportunity to post their musical creations, and get important feedback and criticism. Even if you do not create music yourself, it is still fun to go and listen to your fellow members show off their stuff.

The Media Menagerie also home to Bulbagarden Idol, where many of our talented users got to compete in an American Idol-style singing competition. The competition was popular, and many users had fun participating, and voting for their favorite performances. Also, the karaoke thread has proved to be fun for many users. There, members challenge their friends to sing their favorite (and sometimes outrageous!) Karaoke songs. There is definitely something for everybody in the MM, since everybody loves to listen to music!

The Chef’s Chateau provides a place for the discussion of many delicious recipes from the cooks of Bulbagarden. There's an incredible variety present, ranging from simple recipes to more extravagant meals, members will find a recipe to their liking. If you are looking for something appetizing to eat for dinner tonight, you can have a look in to gain some ideas. Or, if you just had the most succulent meal of your life, and have the recipe for it, you can always share it with others. Recipe threads include “Fallback Recipes,” “Experimental baking,” and “Family Recipes.”

The Chef’s Chateau also has the very popular “Food Pictures” thread, where users post pictures of their favorite food. The thread will have your mouth watering in seconds! If you weren’t hungry before you read the thread, you will be hungry after! The CC also has some fun threads, such as, “Food Nostalgia,” and “What is the strangest food you’ve ever eaten?” Everybody has food stories, so why don’t you share yours?

Even though the Media Menagerie and Chef’s Chateau are small sections, they still have a lot to offer. Therefore, take a break from the big sections of Bulbagarden once in awhile, and come visit this corner of the forums. Share your taste in music, and indulge your taste in food.