Bulbapedia's editor in chief resigns

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Editorial board member MAGNEDETH assumes head editor position
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  • Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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TTEchidna publicly announced his resignation as editor in chief of Bulbapedia today, announcing editorial board member and deputy editor in chief MAGNEDETH as his successor.

Today's announcement formally established that Bulbapedia's editor in chief will reign for two years, at which point they will announce their successor, a trend that has been followed up to this point but has not been an official part of Bulbapedia policy.

MAGNEDETH will take TTEchidna's position as a Bulbagarden executive staff member and will rank among the other Bulbagarden heads, such as Archaic, evkl and Kasumi. The dark lord trombonator will assume TTE's position as Managing Editor of Bulbanews.