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  • Saturday, November 19, 2016

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Example page from the handbook

For the past few months we've had a team at Bulbagarden have been working on a brand new app in preparation for Pokémon Sun and Moon's release. Bulbagarden can now reveal the web-based version of that app dubbed the Bulba Handbook. We'll be updating it regularly with new features and information as we go along, but for now here's a few of the features that you can currently find in it.

  • A full Generation VII National Pokédex, complete with move sets by level, by TM, and by breeding. All old, new, and Alola Form Pokémon are included.
  • A complete searchable item list of every item in Sun and Moon
  • A complete move and Ability list
  • An accurate type chart and nature chart for quick reference.

We've also built it so that it is completely mobile friendly and shouldn't have lengthy loading times.

Our plan is to also offer the Handbook as a downloadable app in the near future, but we're still working on getting that side of the project finished. You can also see that we currently have several "Coming Soon" tags for a lot of sections. We will be adding to those sections as our team are able to familiarize themselves with Sun and Moon and information is uploaded onto Bulbapedia. We also plan to expand the Handbook to cover Generations I-VI at some point in the future.

This project is still very much in development and we've already begun work on fixing a few bugs that popped up today. For those of you playing Sun and Moon now or who will be within the next week we hope this Handbook serves as a quick and helpful aid for the core features of the games.

You can find the Handbook HERE

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you discover something that we need to fix.