Cartoon Network reportedly in negotiations with Pokémon USA

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New episodes of Pokémon may air on cable network
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  • Monday, May 1, 2006
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Argy

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According to Veronica Taylor, Maddie Blaustein, Rachael Lillis and Eric Stuart, former voice actors of the English dub of the Pokémon anime, Cartoon Network is currently in negotiations with Nintendo and Pokémon USA to air new episodes of the series on the cable network.

According to them, Kids' WB!'s decision to not renew its rights to air Pokémon was based on Pokémon USA's recasting of characters, and they have urged fans to contact executives of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., the owner of Cartoon Network, to pressure them to not accept an offer if it did not involve the original voice acting cast.

The messages, reportedly from the four former VA's, are below. Blaustein has been posting several messages concerning the matter on the Forums.

Bulbanews will update when it learns of any possible contracts between Cartoon Network and Pokémon USA, or any new developments with the voice acting cast.

Veronica Taylor

At this moment Cartoon Network is talking with Pokemon USA and Nintendo about negotiating a deal for next season. Whether they know that the show they potentially acquire is a very badly done 'fake' is unknown. We need as many people as possible to flood them with emails letting them know that the 'special' we all saw on Saturday was beyond unacceptable. The actors, other than being lackluster and unable to fit the flap, lacked any emotion or character. The script was amateurish and flat. There was no direction. The Pokemon themselves all sounded incredibly different from the original show and video games. It was more violent than any other Pokemon episode has ever been. It was in no way up to the standards which have been set over the past eight years by 4kids, Nintendo and the WB. Are we all expected to simply sit by as Pokemon USA lies to everyone, saying the show will be "exactly the same", even though they have replaced every single element? We have now seen, through the fiasco which was the 10th anniversary special, that this is far from the truth. Please send emails immediately to the two executives at Turner Network (below) and warn them before they make a mistake they will certainly regret for a very long time. Bring Pokemon back to 4kids before it's too late.
Thank you in advance!
Veronica Taylor

Maddie Blaustein

whoa!!!!! THIS IS BIG!!!!! AND IT's HAPPENING NOW!!!

My own sources are telling me that right now TODAY!!!!...., Negotiations between CN and PUSA are underway.

That means there is no time to lose!

Please, if the old cast means anything to you write to these e-mail addresses PRONTO! I am convinced if the two guys below are flooded with e-mail from fans who want the old cast back that the impossible can happen and the old cast will be restored!!

Contact [email protected] and [email protected] immediately.

No really stop reading the forums and do it now!

Rachael Lillis

Hello everyone,

Thank you again for your amazing support and for posting your feelings here. Again, I'm very touched by all this and I hope we can make a difference!

I was just told this morning that Cartoon Network is now apparently in negotiations to acquire the rights to Pokemon, and since the special just aired this past weekend, time is very much of the essence. If people could please forward what they've sent to PUSA, adding their reactions to the Mirage show as well - the negative reactions to the replaced elements--music, voices, sound mix quality, writing--that they've posted here and in other forums, it would get right to the people who make the key decisions.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Thank you so much for your efforts. I'm sending my emails in as well.



Eric Stuart


What you can do:

E-mail to:

[email protected]

[email protected]

This is the kind of stuff fans should include in their messages:

I understand that Cartoon Network is negotiating to acquire the rights to Pokémon. If it's not too late—heed this word of advice – make sure that Pokémon USA does not sell you an inferior product.

This past weekend Kids WB! aired a Pokémon TV special that was NOT produced by 4Kids Productions . The show was amateurish and embarrassing. Voices were terrible. Acting was horrible. The writing was extremely bad. The music was inappropriate and the sound mix was painful. It seemed like children and non-professionals were producing the show.

Fans want the "authentic" Pokémon experience, not a cheap imitation. If you acquire the series from Pokémon Company and they do not continue to use 4Kids to produce the series - -you will be buying a series that will rate poorly and destroy the franchise.

Don't waste your money. Make sure you get the real deal and not an inferior, poorly produced, embarrassing imitation. Make sure that 4Kids Productions is the production entity for the new Pokémon episodes.

Thanks for all of your support! SPREAD THE WORD!