Chuang Yi announces Pokémon Adventures's 30th volume

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To be sold for US $8.50
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  • Friday, May 29, 2009

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Volume 30's cover

The release date for the 30th volume of Pokémon Adventures, 「ポケットモンスター☆SPECIAL」 Pocket Monsters ☆ SPECIAL in Japan, was announced by Chuang Yi on their official site. It will be released around June in Singapore for S$ 8.50, which is approximately US $5.86. The book's ISBN is 9789812768629.

This volume will feature the the start of the adventures of Diamond, Pearl and Lady Berlitz as they travel through Sinnoh. Lady Berlitz must fulfill a family tradition by using a material from the Mt. Coronet's summit to create an accessory bearing the her family's crest.

Round Title Round Title Round Title
338 396 VS Starly 341 401 VS Kricketot 344 436 VS Bronzor
339 399 VS Bidoof 342 408 VS Cranidos 345 479 VS Rotom
340 404 VS Luxio 343 415 VS Combee 346 407 VS Roserade I
Pokémon Adventures Volume 30


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