CoroCoro August issue reveals 'Genesect'

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No. 649 has finally arrived
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  • Wednesday, July 11, 2012
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Adyniz
    Originally reported in CoroCoro Comic magazine

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'Genesect' on the magazine cover.

An early leak of CoroCoro has officially revealed the 649th Pokémon, Genesect (Japanese: ゲノセクト Genesect). Genesect is known as the Paleozoic Pokémon, and is a dual Bug- and Steel-type Pokémon. It is #155 in the original Unova Pokédex and #300 in the new Unova Pokédex.

A Genesect distribution event has also been announced. It is set to run in Japan from Aug. 11 to Sept. 14, for Pokémon Black and White 2 Versions only.

Special thanks to papico028 and AAPF for the information.

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