CoroCoro reveals new Pokémon Nekkoara, Iwanko

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Based on koala, dog
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  • Saturday, June 11, 2016
  • Reported on Bulbanews by SnorlaxMonster
    Originally reported in CoroCoro Comic magazine

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This month's CoroCoro Comic has revealed two new Pokémon, Nekkoara (ネッコアラ) and Iwanko (イワンコ). Note that these are transliterations of the Japanese names, and their English names will likely differ.

Nekkoara is Normal-type and has the new Ability Sure Sleeper (ぜったいねむり). It is known as the Dreaming (ゆめうつつ) Pokémon. It appears to be based on a koala. Nekkoara is 1'8" (0.5 m) tall and weighs 20.3 lbs. (9.2 kg). Its new Ability Sure Sleeper prevents it from being afflicted by status conditions other than sleep.

Iwanko is Rock-type and has the Abilities Keen Eye and Vital Spirit. It is known as the Puppy (こいぬ) Pokémon. It appears to be based on a dog. Iwanko is 1'04" (0.4 m) tall and weighs 43.9 lbs. (19.9 kg). This Pokémon previously appeared very briefly in a trailer uploaded on the CoroCoro YouTube channel.

Solgaleo has a minor alternate form known as Rising Phase (ライジングフェーズ), in which it is described as being like the sun. In this Phase, it appears more radiant and its colored accents all become yellow. Solgaleo is seen in the Phase during the animation for its signature move Sunsteel Strike.

Lunala has a minor alternate form known as Full Moon Phase (フルムーンフェーズ), in which it is said to call the moon. In this Phase, its wings glow white, highlighting its skeletal structure. Lunala is seen in the Phase during the animation for its signature move Moongeist Beam.

Solgaleo and Lunala, which are central to Pokémon Sun and Moon, are said to exhibit their fullest power in these Phases.

Magearna has the new Ability Soul Heart (ソウルハート), which can repeatedly raise its Special Attack stat (the trigger is not currently known). It can learn the new move Fleur Cannon (フルールカノン).

A special Pokémon Ga-Olé disk will include a QR Code to obtain Magearna in the Pokémon Sun and Moon. This Magearna will be level 50, have the Ability Soul Heart, and know the moves Fleur Cannon, Flash Cannon, Lucky Chant and Helping Hand.