CoroCoro scan reveals Generation V information

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Starters, player characters, region revealed
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  • Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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CoroCoro scan

A scan from the June 2010 issue of the magazine CoroCoro has appeared online, revealing various information on the upcoming games Pokémon Black and White.

According to the scan, the first Generation V games will be set in the region known as 「イッシュ」 Isshu, which is quite a distance away from all previous regions. The magazine scan implies that the region is a foreign place that must be traveled to by boat or airplane. The city shown in multiple screenshots and a video on Pokémon Sunday is to be called 「ヒウンシティ」 Hiun City.

The new playable characters are also presented. They are stated to be more grown-up than past protagonists, and both are wearing devices on their wrists that may be the successor of the Pokégear, PokéNav and Pokétch.

Finally, the scan also shows the starters of Pokémon Black and White; as in previous generations, the starters are Grass-, Fire-, and Water-type. The starters' names are 「ツタージャ」 Tsutarja, 「ポカブ」 Pokabu, and 「ミジュマル」 Mijumaru.

Further information has also come in with updated information about Zoroark. This Pokémon has a new and unique method of capture. It appears that it will appear when one of the three shiny legendary beasts from the thirteenth movie giveaways is transferred to Black and White. Additionally, its ability is known as, 「イリュージョン」 Illusion, and it has two new moves 「イカサマ」 Trickery and 「つめとぎ」 Claw Sharpen.

More leaked scans continue to emerge, including battle scenes featuring the five already-revealed Pokémon and art and screenshots of locations in the Isshu region.