Dave & Buster's SVP reveals Pokkén to have location test in the US

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AMA question confirms plans to test Pokkén Tournament to the US
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  • Thursday, July 23, 2015

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Dave & Buster's Senior Vice President Kevin Bachus has stated in a Reddit AMA that the company intends to run location tests of Pokkén Tournament at the US chain's stores.

When asked about where the tests will be run, Bachus mentioned that they hadn't even started thinking about it yet, indicating that the tests may not happen for some time. However, he also mentioned that Namco prefers the tests to be run near their own US offices in Chicago, but Dave & Buster's tries to convince them to run the tests in a wide variety of locations. Since these are only tests and not an official launch, Dave & Buster's will not officially promote them once they are available, but they do expect word to leak out.

If the tests do well, Dave & Buster's would bring Pokkén Tournament "everywhere".

Bachus also mentioned that he and Namco were more optimistic about the success of Pokkén Tournament than Tekken.

Pokkén Tournament is a 3D Pokémon fighting arcade game developed and published by Bandai Namco Games that was released in Japan earlier this month, and no other information has been given regarding a release outside of Japan or arcades.

Dave & Buster's is a North American restaurant-arcade chain, with over 70 stores in the United States (including 1 in Hawaii) and 1 in Canada.