Demo version of PMD Magnagate available in Nintendo eShop

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New game trailer, passwords also released
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  • Saturday, November 10, 2012

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The official Magnagate guidebook will be released Nov. 23, 2012

A demo version of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity is now available on the Japanese Nintendo eShop. In this demo, players can play through an early part of the story up to ten times.

The demo can be saved and transferred to Manganate and the Infinite Labyrinth when the game is released.

Passwords are now available to players of Victini's V-Roulette Dungeon minigame on the official game website. The passwords are placed near a specific Pokémon after completing the minigame with that Pokémon. The passwords unlock items, though it is currently unknown what items the passwords specifically unlock. The five passwords are as follows:

  • Pikachu: C646T5CK
  • Snivy: SP38XJ35
  • Tepig: CQP342QH
  • Oshawott: 2HN9KXHF
  • Axew: HK3JHWW9

New trailer

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Victini's V-Roulette Dungeon minigame to obtain passwords