Diamond, Pearl to hit EU July 27

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Manaphy also set to be revealed to UK and European public
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  • Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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Pokémon Diamond and Pearl will hit European shelves July 27, according to Nintendo of Europe. The Dialga/Palkia stylus pre-order bonus will be available for pre-ordering the games at GAME stores.

On June 2 players in the United Kingdom will be able to obtain the code to unlock the Manaphy mission in Pokémon Ranger. Players who take their games to any GAME store on that date will receive a limited edition chocolate Poké Ball which will contain the code to unlock the Manaphy mission in the game as well as an A3 Pokémon Diamond and Pearl poster.

The official Manaphy Web site has updated to include new information about the Pokémon as well as the airing dates for the ninth Pokémon movie on UK Cartoon Network (Thursday being the premier on "Cartoon Network Too"). The "Get Manaphy" link currently says "Coming Soon"; this will presumably update on June 2 with the European Manaphy code.