Diancie and Darkrai to be distributed in Taiwan

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Darkrai to be available to those who pre-order their tickets
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  • Friday, August 8, 2014

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To celebrate the premiere of the seventeenth movie in Taiwan, Mighty Media has announced details on the upcoming event distribution of Darkrai and Diancie. Darkrai will be available to those who would pre-order their movie tickets, while Diancie will be available to all moviegoers.

The movie tickets can be pre-ordered at the 2014 Comic Exhibition from August 7 to 12 and at Books.com.tw from August 7 to 25. Each ticket comes with a card containing the serial code for Darkrai. An individual set will cost NT$250, while a set of two tickets will be offered at NT$400. Those who ordered a set of two at the Comic Exhibition will also receive a movie poster. Only 1000 Darkrai will be available in the Comic Exhibition. The serial code can be used until September 30. Moreover, the movie ticket can be exchanged for a Diancie or used to avail discounts on any Pokémon merchandise at any Funbox branches.

Darkrai will have the Ability Bad Dreams and holds the Enigma Berry. It will also have the moves Dark Void, Phantom Force, Dark Pulse, and Dream Eater.

The movie will be released in Taiwan on August 29, 2014.