Distribution of Generation III Pokémon set for March, April, May in Japan

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ExtremeSpeed-knowing Pikachu also included in distributions
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  • Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Celebrating an anniversary of the Kyushu Shinkansen railway, a total of twelve Pokémon will be distributed in the Kyushu region in Japan for Pokémon Black and White from March to May as part of JR Kyushu's 「超強力ポケモン プレゼントキャンペーン」 Super Strong Pokémon Present Campaign.

As mentioned before, Pikachu will be distributed from March 1 to 6, following the announcement by Junichi Masuda on Feb. 25 at the Pokémon Center Fukuoka. The distribution will take place in the 800 series of trains. Level 50 female Pikachu will be distributed in Cherish Balls. They will have the Classic Ribbon and hold no item, and they will have the Ability Static. The Pikachu will know ExtremeSpeed, Thunderbolt, Grass Knot and Brick Break.

Following that, distributions of three Pokémon at a time will be held in several train stations via infrared, no longer in the trains themselves, from March 17 to May 6. From March 17 to April 1, Sceptile, alongside two currently-unknown Pokémon, will be distributed at random. The same will go for Milotic and Metagross, with two unknown Pokémon each, when they are distributed from April 2 to 22 and April 23 to May 6, respectively. Nothing else is known about these Pokémon.

If any of the Pokémon are brought from the train station distributions to Pokémon Center Fukuoka, players may receive level 80 Groudon or Kyogre. Players may receive Groudon from March 17 to April 15 and Kyogre from April 16 to May 6. Players may only obtain either Groudon, Kyogre, or the ExtremeSpeed-knowing Pikachu in one game; they may not obtain two or three of these three Pokémon.

Besides the anniversary, the reason for the distribution of Generation III Pokémon is the fact that Hoenn is based on Kyushu.