Eevee's evolutions now available on Global Link

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Play to Befriend a Pokémon! rewards ready for Black and White
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  • Thursday, May 19, 2011
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Jazama

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Eevee and its evolutions

The evolutions of Eevee obtained via Poké's "Play to Befriend a Pokémon!" game are now, May 19, available via Pokémon Global Link, and they will be available until July 19. The game ran from March 28 to May 5, and it involved breaking blocks and collecting the type-themed orbs that fell; the number of each type of orb collected determined the Pokémon that will be received. These are unique to the individual player.

The seven evolutions available will be at level 10, male, have their Hidden Ability, and know Tail Whip, Tackle, Helping Hand and Sand Attack. Like all Pokémon available through the Global Link, they can be transferred to Pokémon Black and White.

The distribution will run for two months, from May 19 to July 19.