European Platinum sites reveal names

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Reveal names for places and Pokémon
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  • Thursday, March 26, 2009
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Tc26

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In the Distortion World

The European sites for Pokémon Platinum have recently opened, revealing the names of various things in the game. The names revealed include the Giratina's Origin and Altered formes and Shaymin's Land forme. The Distortion World and Wi-Fi Plaza have also given names. Lastly, the names of the Global Terminal, which now replaces and contains the GTS, also known as the blue room, have also been revealed. Please refer to the table below for a list of names. Platinum will be sold in Europe starting May 22.

UK Belgium* Netherlands France Belgium* Spain Germany Italy
Platinum Version Version Platine Edición Platino Platin-Edition Versione Platino
Origin Forme Forme Originelle Forma Origen Urform Forma Originale
Altered Forme Forme Alternative Forma Modificada Wandelform Forma Alterata
Land Forme Forme Terrestre Forma Tierra Landform Forma Terra
Distortion World Monde Distorsion Mundo Distorsión Zerrwelt Mondo Distorto
Battle Frontier Zone de Combat Frente de Batalla Kampfzone Parco Lotta
Global Terminal Terminal Mondial Terminal Global Global. Terminal Centro Globale
Wi-Fi Plaza Square Wi-Fi Plaza Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Plaza Piazza Wi-Fi


  • Nintendo Europe: Links to the Platinum sites of the different countries can be found here. Please note that the screenshots found in all the sites are in English.