ExtraLives playing second Pokémon marathon for charity

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Proceeds will go to Free the Children
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  • Thursday, July 1, 2010

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Last year, the ExtraLives team had a Pokémon marathon for Child's Play. This year, on July 2nd, starting at 12:00 EDT, the ExtraLives team will be hosting yet another Pokémon marathon supporting Free the Children.

This year's list of games will include Red and Green (poorly "translated" from the original Japanese), Trading Card Game, Pokémon Gold and Silver, Hey You Pikachu!, Pokémon Snap, and Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, along with some bootleg games and possibly other Pokémon titles.

The entire marathon will be streamed online for anyone to view.

Free the Children is a non-profit organization founded by Craig Kielburger. This organization helps build schools to educate and free them from poverty. The ExtraLives' goal is to raise $8,500 to build a school in an undetermined location, to be selected by the viewers.

In addition, there will be a raffle with prizes including ExtraLives T-shirts, two Japanese Pokémon books, and a Celebi plush. Each $5 donation puts one entry into the raffle. If you donate $20 you have a chance to battle the ExtraLives team live during the marathon.

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