ExtraLives playing third Pokémon marathon for charity

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Proceeds will go to Free the Children
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  • Sunday, December 30, 2012

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ExtraLives was started in 2009 by a group of high school students who had the idea of using video games to raise money for charity. Almost 4 years later, the now college students are still at it, and are kicking off the new year with their third Pokémon marathon.

Starting December 29th, they will be playing three-way races of Gen I, Gen II, and Gen III Pokémon games. Each race will include a poorly-translated bootleg version, along side the two official versions. After that, they will play a two-way race between Pokémon Black and White. Other Pokémon games will also be played between each race, and after the races are finished if donation goals are met. They plan to continue playing through January 2nd.

The entire marathon will be streamed online on both USTREAM and Twitch.TV. Video game fans worldwide are welcome to donate. All donations will go directly to Free the Children, a non-profit organization which helps children in developing countries.

The ExtraLives team hopes to raise over $8,500, which is enough to build a schoolhouse. The country in which the school is built will be voted on by the viewers. ExtraLives has already funded six schoolhouses during their previous marathons.

Each donation of $5 will be put into a raffle for an ExtraLives t-shirt. Donations over $10 are also tax deductible.

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