First Pokémon X and Y reviews published.

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Positive reviews given on first day after review embargo.
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  • Friday, October 4, 2013

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On the first day that reviews of Pokémon X and Y are permitted, several positive reviews have been published online, praising in particular visual design, enhanced online capabilities and the variety of new features.

Opinions and scores

Jose Otero, writing for IGN gave the games 9/10 and noted that "Game Freak has really outdone itself this time", praising the enhanced visuals, new battle modes and improved accessibility, particularly at the beginning of the game. The AI, however, was noted as sometimes being unintelligent.

Hollander Cooper of Gamesradar praised the added immersion of the games, mentioning in particular Pokémon-Amie. However, lack of innovation was noted as being a major problems, condluding that "X and Y eventually land in the comfort zone fans have found themselves in for six generations" and giving the games a four star rating.

Patricia Hernandez of Kotaku didn't give a score, but summarized Pokémon X and Y simply as "Pokémon X And Y Is Everything You Wanted Pokémon To Be As A Kid", using the examples of Mega Evolutions, Pokémon-Amie and customizable appearance as things that would appeal to a long time Pokémon fan reliving their childhood experience of the series.

Nintendo World Report awarded an 8/10 score, summarizing Pokémon's latest installment as "A weaker Pokémon game [that] is still better than most other games out there." Reviewer Alex Culafi generally praised X and Y's presentation, but noted in particular a disappointing post-game and a heavy reliance on content from previous generations.

Earnest Cavalli of Joystiq was positive, giving the games four and a half stars and concluding that "Pokémon X and Y aren't just the best-looking Pokémon games to date, they may be the best Pokémon games period", praising in particular the revamped graphic and sound design, non-battle diversions such as Pokémon-Amie and online functionality.

Katy Ellis of Nintendo Life positively noted the smaller focus on Gym battles in the main story and the many non-Gym cities that the player will visit. She also praised Game Freak's decision to have a worldwide release, stating that "more players than ever before will be able to experience first-hand that indescribable sensation of unearthing brand new Pokémon that have nimbly avoided the dreaded internet leaks." She gave the games 9/10, with her main disappointment being the lack of stereoscopic 3D outside of battles and other select moments.

Computer And Video Games gave the games a 9/10, stating that X and Y's new features "resulted in more innovation than the last three games combined." Reviewer Ben Griffin praised additions such as Super Training, Horde Encounters and Pokémon Amie, but was disappointed with a lack of difficulty and occasionally awkward controls.

Many reviews praised the improved online service, which streamlines the experience of battling and trading with the PSS (Player Search System), Wonder Trade and improved Global Trade Station instead of Black and White's reliance on Friend Codes.

New information

The reviews also revealed some previously unknown information about X and Y.

  • All Pokémon who participate in battle, no matter how short the duration, receive the full amount of experience points rather than a share. (Nintendo World Report)
  • Pokémon-Amie provides in-battle bonuses, such as elevated critical hit ratio and evasion. (Nintendo World Report)
  • Pikachu is the only old Pokémon with a noticeably new cry. (CVG) Other Pokémon receive remastered versions of their old cries. (Nintendo World Report)
  • A new location, Glittering Cave, was mentioned. It is filled with glittering gems, and Flash is not necessary. Here, the camera is fixed behind the avatar, and wild Pokémon jump out of the darkness towards to camera. (CVG, Nintendo Life)
  • The Exp. Share, which had previously been confirmed to give experience to all Pokémon in the party from the Bag, has been revealed to have an on/off switch. (Joystiq, Nintendo Life)
    • When enabled, the Exp. Share gives half experience to Pokémon that participated in battle, and half to all others. (GamesRadar, Polygon)
  • One new town was also mentioned, the eastern city Snowbelle City. (Nintendo Life—since removed from article)
  • There are locations in Lumiose City that you cannot visit early in the game due to not being fashionable enough. (Kotaku)
  • Encounters in caves are now confined to avoidable dark areas instead of throughout the entire area, in a similar way to tall grass on a regular route. (Kotaku)
  • Some cafés and restaurants do special battles where you have to win a set number of turns. (Kotaku)
  • The Eiffel tower-equivalent is the Lumiose Gym. (Kotaku)
  • There is a Gym designed to look like a skate park. (Kotaku)
  • Certain moves will have two types. (Kotaku)
  • Granbull is Fairy-type (not specified if pure Fairy-type or only part Fairy-type). (Shack News)
  • 3D is disabled in battles featuring more than two Pokémon. (US Gamer)

Patricia Hernandez of Kotaku also hinted at the existence of a Ground/Fairy-type Pokémon.

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