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Niantic Labs release details on upcoming game
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  • Thursday, March 24, 2016

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Niantic Labs and Poké today released first looks at the features of the upcoming augmented reality game, Pokémon GO. Features discussed includes Pokémon catching, evolution, PokéStops, Eggs and Gyms.

Exploration is a core aspect of the game, and allow players to locate and catch new Pokémon. By using mobile location technology, the game will determine appropriate Pokémon for the players to encounter. For example, a player exploring near a body of water might be more likely to encounter Water-type Pokémon. The presence of a nearby Pokémon will cause the player's cellphone to vibrate, alerting them to the possible capture. Like the Safari Zone in the core series games, players will then have to use their Poké Ball to catch the Pokémon before it can run away. Catching multiple Pokémon of the same species may allow you to evolve one of them.

In addition, visiting historical locations, monuments, public art installations and museums might allow players to discover PokéStops. These will allow players to find a variety of items, including Poké Balls and Eggs of unidentified species. Much like the core series games, hatching those Eggs will require the player to walk a certain distance.

Players will also be able to gain levels, allowing them to encounter and catch more powerful Pokémon, and to acquire more powerful items at the PokéStops. For example, Great Balls might only be available past a certain level.

Exploring real-world locations might also lead the player to discover Gyms. Once they join one of the in-game teams, they may leave up to one Pokémon at each empty Gyms or Gyms owned by members of their team they encounter. These Pokémon will defend the Gym against Trainers from the other team, who might attempt to gain control of the Gym by challenging its Pokémon in battle.

As previously announced, Pokémon Go will be entering an early user field test in Japan while the game is still in development, and features and design may still change.

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