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Yahoo! Japan Kids updates with further details, footage of new Pokémon, more silhouettes
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  • Saturday, July 15, 2006

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Silhouettes of six new Pokémon (enlarged)
The newly revealed Pokémon battling Lucario
Customizing Pachirisu
In-game Shin'ō map
Daisuki Club DS Lite

The Yahoo! Japan Kids Web site for the upcoming Pokémon Diamond and Pearl games has been updated with large and high quality images of the box art, legendaries and other new Pokémon, along with videos of the battle system working on dual screens and even an explanation of the use of DS WiFi with the game. Buried deep within the site, a picture of the new rival can be found; he seems to be an entirely separate character from the male and female characters players may use themselves.

According to one page of the site, those who preorder Diamond will recieve a limited edition figure of Diaruga, with Pearl preorders receiving Parukia. Those who preorder both will receive a further one, though what Pokémon this may be has yet to be revealed.

The site displays small silhouettes of 4 new Pokémon (The 2 to the right are actually the figurines you get from pre-order), and an in-game sprite of a Pokémon resembling Electabuzz is featured. Other screenshots include the in-game map of Shin'ō, and a new feature that allows players to customize their Pokémon by physically attaching items. However, it is unknown if these items will be visible during battles.

In other news, Pokémon Daisuki Club will be offering a new DS Lite featuring Pikachu.

Yahoo! Japan Kids seem to be constantly updating, so be sure to continue checking it in the coming weeks for further information.