GBA to DS Pokémon Transfer confirmed in CoroCoro

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Players to "recapture" their Pokémon
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  • Friday, September 1, 2006

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An article in CoroCoro Special's September edition has confirmed that transfers will be possible of Pokémon from the GBA line of games to the soon-to-be released Diamond and Pearl.

Thanks to Pokeani's article, far more easily translated than a scan, Bulbanews can confirm that players will be limited to transferring a maximum of six Pokémon to the new games each day. Rather than just trading for them as in the previous games, where allowance was made for backwards compatability, players will need to actually physically recapture the Pokémon in a Safari Zone-like setting in order to have them join their teams once again. Furthermore, this ability to transfer Pokémon over only becomes open once players have completed some (unspecified) conditions. This has apparently been made with the intention of making players have to start over in the game as beginners, rather than simply allowing for them to bring their already trained Pokémon over and defeat every single trainer and leader in a matter of hours.

Once players have recaptured their Pokémon, a note is made in their "Trainer's Memo", listing the day and place the Pokémon was captured in Diamond/Pearl.