Game Freak moving to the Arctic

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Polar bears threaten lives of snow Pikachus
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  • Tuesday, April 1, 2008
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Argy

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Snow Pikachu (close-up)
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Game Freak announced today on its Web site that it will be moving its headquarters to the Arctic effective immediately, a strange move that many in the gaming community called "Farfetch'd." Director Junichi Masuda said the staff will focus on saving the elusive snow Pikachu from the bloodthirsty jaws of polar bears.

Masuda confirmed that he would continue his Director's Blog, however, as a physical challenge he will only write outdoors while standing and without wearing gloves.

The company also announced a new Nintendo DS game, Sansea. It focuses on three ditzy cheerleaders and their quest to singlehandedly run the grand opening of a Starbucks coffee shop.

When asked if the move would affect any future Pokémon games, Masuda smiled and winked,

"Just don't be surprised if the next games feature more of that Diamond Dust effect we love," he said. "Also, Satoshi's adventure will get a lot more depressing."