Game Freak refuse to deny that they deny non-existence of new game in development

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Game Freak refuse to deny that they deny non-existence of new game in development
Pocket Moster Brown Version now all but certain
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  • Friday, March 31, 1998

This article is a hoax. Please do not take its contents seriously.
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Pocket Monster fans were relieved this week when developers Game Freak explicitly did not deny a previous denial that they there is not a follow-up game to Pocket Monster Green, Red and Blue in development. Over the past few months, fan speculation has been growing on the subject of ‘Pocket Monster Brown Version’ (so called because combining green red and blue produces brown. A sort of brown, anyway).

Fans have pointed to many signs in the current games that suggest a follow-up must have been planned all along. These include:

  • Red, Blue and Green Versions all contain areas – such as the grass just outside Masara Town – which can’t be accessed.
  • The mysterious truck. Serving no apparent purpose, might this actually be intended for a new game?
  • In Kuchiba City, an old man is seen building a house, but at no point in the current games does he finish. This is something that a new game would surely follow up.
  • Code is believed to exist in the games for a battle with Professor Okido. Was this encounter removed from the games so that he could serve as a challenging final boss in a new version?
  • Then there are the persistent rumors of encounters with strange Pokemon seemingly not in any of the publicity materials. Descriptions of these “hidden” Pokemon have varied tremendously, with some players reporting seeing skeletal forms, others ghosts, and yet others claiming to have seen “a Pokemon that looks a bit like Utah”.

In light of the news, a spokesperson for Fushiginews said: “Hopefully this will finally put an end to all the rumors.”