Grand Festival finals to take place mid-May

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Hikari, Nozomi to battle in the final round
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  • Thursday, April 15, 2010
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Kevzo8

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TV Japan revealed the last two episodes of the Sinnoh Grand Festival arc. The 176th episode of the series Pocket Monsters: Diamond & Pearl titled 「セミファイナル!決勝へ進むのは!?」 The Semi-Finals! Which One is Heading to the Finals!? will air May 13 on TV Tokyo. The next episode, 「決戦!ヒカリVSノゾミ!!」 Decisive Battle! Hikari VS Nozomi!!, will be the 177th episode and is set to air May 20 on TV Tokyo.

The 176th episode will be the third episode of the Grand Festival arc, where Hikari, Nozomi, Urara, Musashi and Naoshi participate in. In the next episode, Hikari and Nozomi are known to compete in the Grand Festival final round.