Japanese Pokémon Ranch gets update

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Shaymin Sky Forme, Giratina Origin Forme appear
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  • Saturday, November 8, 2008
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Argy

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Yukari, Giratina's Origin Forme and other Pokémon

The Japanese version of My Pokémon Ranch, called Everyone's Pokémon Ranch (みんなのポケモン牧場), was updated Wednesday, making the WiiWare game compatible with Pokémon Platinum, which was released in Japan in September. The update allows Shaymin's and Giratina's new formes to appear and adds several new features to the game itself.

According to the game's official Web site, the updated ranch can hold up to 1,500 Pokémon, up from 1,000 in the original version. Giratina's Origin Forme and Shaymin's Sky Forme appear when downloaded to the game. New events, items and a water feature make their debut, and PocketMonsters.net reports the update allows the player to choose which background music to play and to sort Pokémon by type.

Wii owners who have already downloaded the original version of Everyone's Pokémon Ranch can download the update for free, while those who purchase the game for the first time for 1,000 Wii Points will also download the updated version.

Nintendo has not yet announced an English-language release of Pokémon Platinum, and it is unlikely the corresponding version of My Pokémon Ranch will be updated before Platinum's release.