Japanese Pokémon movie site updates for fifteenth movie

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Two posters presented; one poster reveals event in upcoming 'Best Wishes!' episode
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  • Friday, December 16, 2011

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Fifteenth movie poster

The official Japanese Pokémon movie site has updated, now presenting the upcoming fifteenth Pokémon movie 「キュレムVS聖剣士」 Kyurem VS the Sacred Swordsmen. With this update comes a new look for the site, as well as new information regarding the movie, which will premiere July 14.

The update also revealed two posters for the film: the standard posters, which features Kyurem, Cobalon, Terrakion and Virizion, and the "Pikachu the Movie" poster, which was made quite differently for this being the fifteenth anniversary film. Rather than featuring only a few Pokémon featured in the film alongside Satoshi's Pikachu, the poster presents Pokémon featured in previous films, such as the Gizamimi Pichu, as well as Pokémon belonging to Satoshi's companions in previous series, such as Kasumi's Togepy and Takeshi's Gureggru.

Fifteenth "Pikachu the Movie" poster

The "Pikachu the Movie" poster also presents Pokémon belonging to Satoshi, Iris, and Dent in Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!, one of which is an Iwaparesu. Dent's Ishizumai is expected to evolve in the reported 62nd episode of the series, 「バチュル、デンチュラ!電気石の洞穴!!」 Bachuru, Dentula! The Electric Rock Cave!!. This takes place between three straight episodes that feature evolutions, the first of which is the 61st episode 「地底のジム戦!VSヤーコン!!」 Underground Gym Battle! VS Yacon!!, in which Satoshi's Dangoro evolves into a Gantle. On the other hand, in the 63rd episode 「通信交換進化!シュバルゴとアギルダー!!」 Trade Evolution! Chevargo and Agilder!!, Bel trades her Chobomaki for Dr. Araragi's Kaburumo, causing both to evolve. Bel's new Chevargo, however, does not automatically obey her. The 61st, 62nd, and 63rd episodes of Best Wishes! will respectively air on the 5th, 12th, and 19th of January. A new ending theme will be used starting the first episode of 2012, much like Poémon Smash!, which will be using 「アイ アム ア ヒーロー」 I am a hero from Stereopony (ステレオポニー) as its ending starting January.

The last episode for next month, which airs on the 26th, is the 64th episode, 「黒き英雄の遺跡!シンボラーとデスカーン!!」 The Black Hero's Ruins! Symboler and Desukarn!!. Featured in the episode are Symboler and Desukarn, as well as the father of the female Dr. Araragi of Kanoko Town and ruins of the black hero, Zekrom. Following that is an unnamed episode to air Feb. 2. The sunglasses-wearing Waruvile will once again appear in this 65th episode.